sea shephard (part 1 Steve Irwin)

Siddharth Chakrvarty, Capitan

foto1: sea shepherd

" I have spent the last ten years of my life as a seaman, sailing for extended periods of time, transporting cargo and indirectly fueling the economic global growth that we see today. Always having felt like a bit of a misfit, I educated myself on the multiple identities that shipping takes on at various local, national and international levels. I feel conflicted by the consummate callousness of the shipping industry, which manifests itself most clearly in the pollution of the waterways arising out of commercial shipping operations and accidental discharge from ships, which, in turn have crippling effects on marine life. I heeded the call of my nagging conscience and combined it with my skill set - I hunted for jobs that would put me on front lines of marine conservation and Sea Shepherd turned out to be the answer"

 Photo credit: Eliza Muirhea


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